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McDonald's asked to stop advertising on 'Family Guy'
(June 16, 2015)

McDonald’s Under Fire for Advertising During TV Show That Included ‘Jokes About Date Rape and Child Sexual Predation’
(May 15, 2015)

They’re Not Loving It: McDonalds Dangerous Move
(May 23, 2014)

McDonald’s (MCD) Shareholder Meeting 2014: Beef From All Sides As Critics Bombard Burger Giant With Fierce Protests
(May 22, 2014)

McDonald's stands its ground against Parents Television Council
(May 16, 2014)

PTC Ranks Explicit, Violent Show Sponsors
(May 12, 2014)

PTC singles out McDonald's for advertising on 'some of the worst shows'
(May 11, 2014)

Shift commercials to family-friendly programs
(May 12, 2014)

McDonald’s snubs family focus, markets offensive content
(May 1, 2014)

McDonald's snubs family, sales drop, PTC says
(April 30, 2014)

PTC asks revenue-losing McDonald's to reconsider ad placement
April 28, 2014)

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